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Celebrity Spokesperson Promotional Benefits

It is something you see every day on television commercials for just about any major brand you care to name and that's the endorsement of a big name celebrity.

It's not for nothing that big companies take full advantage of the popularity of certain big names in the movie or music industry to help them promote their products or services.

For instance if you take the recent addition to the diet industry's long list of celebrity spokespeople in Janet Jackson who has hopped on board the Nutrisystem advertising machine and you'll instantly recognize the potential benefits this kind of promotional one-upmanship can bring to one company ahead of its nearest rivals.

The Catchphrase

In the above example, the overweight viewer is carefully and skilfully attracted to this particular heavily promoted diet brand by the stunningly slim figure of a re-born Ms Jackson talking about how easy it is to "get on it" as the catchphrase has been coined, and join her and thousands of other happy, successful dieters who presumably have obtained a similarly svelte figure as her.

Of course, the reality is somewhat different as the famous singer has doubtless got the additional benefit of a personal trainer and the time and energy to workout every day in order to get that kind of figure!

But the average viewer doesn't see it that way, no matter how well the good causes.

Sure, they are probably well aware that what they are seeing on their TV sets is the very pinnacle of what a serious weight loss program can achieve and they can never hope to match that level of achievement, but they are sucked into the hype and skilful marketing ploy just the same. Thousands of new customers signed up for a Nutrisystem diet plan after seeing those commercials on TV.

Creating Desire

The same principle applies to any promotional advertising that makes use of the celebrity factor to create the right kind of desire for a product or service that you can see in ads for selling everything from cars to detergent and from health insurance to home repairs.

The skill is in matching the right celebrity to the product or service and you have a powerful magnet that attracts customers from all walks of life to buy things they probably don't need or even want. Such is the power of creating desire through advertising.

Creating Politicians

This principal can be taken one step further as is routinely used to help politicians get elected either by getting the right endorsement from a big movie star or by being an ex-big movie star themselves, as household names such as Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger have proved. It even got one very famous movie star all the way to the White House!

So next time you see a commercial on the TV or in an ad in a magazine where a big name celebrity is doing the selling of the product or service, spare a thought for the advertising genius back of the ad.

While plenty of people are going to sign up for a diet program because they need to lose weight, plenty more people are going to sign up for a particular diet program if they see Janet Jackson is looking very slim and enthusing about it on a well made TV commercial!