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Making Further Education Better

For getting a great head start in life and radically increasing the probability of opening far more doors in the world of employment than any other method, completing a university degree is still the best and most effective way.

writing a dissertationMany students starting out on their initial steps into further education tend to view the process as a given thing and simply get on with their studies as if the transition from high school hardly even happened. But of course, further along that road comes the time when dissertation writing will be a reality and the more stressful days of earning that degree will loom ever closer.

Of course, different people will react to this situation in different ways depending on the opportunity (see: presenting itself. Some students seem to breeze through their degree with almost no effort, while others have to knuckle down and work like crazy to get through it all. But why is this?

Easy or Difficult?

Many people who look back at their own time at university will remember the experience as being a time of endless partying and great fun, while others will look back at a hellish time of stressful cramming and writing reams of text for their dissertation. Often two people who followed identical courses, tool identical exams at the same university will have these polar opposite memories of the experience. So what is it that separates them?

We are only now beginning to popularly understand something that has been known about for over a century and possibly a lot longer than that. It is that special ingredient that can totally differentiate two people following identical paths not just in school but also in their working lifetimes.

It is that one person can make a task seem easy, whereas another of similar intelligence and knowledge makes exactly the same thing seem difficult. The bonus in this case would be to figure out what the difference really is.


It's something that can't be put down to environment or even to the place where a person lives or lived. Two students in the same class doing the same paper will often get different results. When academic level, knowledge and intelligence are equal, it all comes down to mindset.

If one person has a positive attitude toward the thing they want to accomplish, chances are they will find it easy going and enjoyable. If a second person has a negative attitude towards the same objective as the first, the chances are they will find it difficult going and a chore.

Knowledge and intelligence play an important part in the equation, of course they do. But the invisible attribute that differentiates both students is their predominant mental attitude, or mindset.

The trick to making the process go along in an easy, enjoyable manner is in cultivating a positive mental attitude. It may not make a huge difference in final marks, as they will be determined by the academic ability of the student. But it will alter the level of perceived difficulty. And this can make the difference between being able to look back fondly on student days as being a great time, or on them being a hard time.