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TV Diet Promotions

There's no getting away from TV commercials no matter how hard anyone tries. It doesn't matter if you are sitting there in front of your TV set and willing yourself to get up and go do something else when the commercial break happens during the show you are watching.

With the best will in the world, you will still be sitting there watching commercials before you even realized they were on!

TV is a powerful medium for holding a person's attention to such a magnetic extent that people can be induced to sit through commercials even when they don't want to. More powerfully is an observation that I've made over the years in watching the behaviour of any group of women while they are sitting around with the TV set turned on.

There can be a great show on TV yet they'll talk their way through the show much to the irritation of the men in the room who are actually trying to watch the show.

Yet wait until the commercials come on and the most amazing thing happens.

The women almost always stop talking and fixate on the TV!

How TV Hooks You In

There's no great magical mystery to this. It's a simple case of advertisers knowing how to get people's attention and hold it long enough to get them to want what they're selling. They do it all the time no matter what the item or service being advertised happens to be. But you can bet they are also onto this phenomenon when it comes to women viewers, who are easily the biggest audience as far as the advertisers are concerned, because women do most of the buying an any household.

This is being really general here and there are sure to be instances where this doesn't hold true. But in the main, when men watch TV, they will want to concentrate on the TV show they're watching and don't like to be interrupted. Commercials interrupt a show and that interruption can be enough to cause a man to get up and walk out the room to do something else while the commercials are being aired.

On the other hand, women are more easily distracted from a TV show, especially by other women when they are watching together or in a group. A conversation can easily crop up during a show triggered by something in the show and they soon get more interested in what they're talking about than in the show itself. The interruption to the show doesn't affect them in the same way that it would affect a man.

So when the commercials interrupt the TV show, women generally don't take much notice of the interruption, but they DO take notice of what's being advertised!

Selling Diets on TV

One way in which advertising is used on TV to make huge sales is in the weight loss sector with diet programs. One of the most successful of these is Nutrisystem (visit Dr Harold Long for more information) along with Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers.

They use all the advertising tricks and techniques of the trade to get people to want to sign up for the diet. And the people they are most interesting in attracting are women. That's because they know that women are more likely to take notice of the ads and are also more likely to pick up the phone and order than men.

The additional technique of using a celebrity spokesperson to help promote the diet program is just another way in which these commercials attract women to them and hold their attention especially when that spokesperson is a household name woman celebrity who had a weight problem and overcame it.

With a huge audience of overweight people who are desperate need of the services of these diet companies, the combination of that need and the powerful attractive qualities of the commercial creates an almost unstoppable desire to follow through and spend money on the diet program.