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Why Join

Membership has its rewards!

Stop the emails and the IMs. Get off the cell phone. When's the last time you actually had a conversation with someone in person? And no, SomeBody55 in a chat room doesn't count. You need to join your advertising community. The Tennessee Valley Advertising Federation (TVAF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting our diverse advertising community through award-winning programs and events. As a TVAF member you can expect to:

Now there are three ways to join!

Associate Membership
Cost: $50.00
Eligible for reduced luncheon fees. An associate member can upgrade to an Individual Membership at anytime by paying the difference in membership fees.

Individual Membership
Cost: $125.00
Eligible for reduced luncheon and ADDY entry fees.

Corporate Membership
Cost: $250.00
Up to four members are eligible for reduced luncheon fees and the company is eligible for reduced ADDY entry fees. Members must be named and those individuals only receive the reduced luncheon price. Membership can be transferred to another individual within the company.

Additonal Members
Corporate and Individual Memberships may add additional members under their company as Associate Members.

Please Note: We are currently NOT accepting new memberships until further notice. Thank you.

Tennessee Valley Advertising Federation