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Advertising Weight Loss Solutions

With overweight adults and children hitting record numbers in this country, it makes a lot of sense to concentrate some of advertising's incredible power on promoting solutions to help people to lose some of that excess weight.

By putting forward a selection of the best quick weight loss tips and techniques that most people can take on board will help battle the problem from this front. By making these solutions more desirable to overweight people than the food they are overeating, it is possible to change people's attitudes towards food and aim for a healthier lifestyle.

Of course, this is something that will not simply happen overnight even with the best advertising techniques, but it is something that can be worked on over time and with sufficient exposure on mainstream media, can be very effective for a large number of people. In general, most overweight people are fully aware that they are overweight and while they may not be actively doing anything to halt the increase, deep down inside they want to lose weight. This can be used to great advantage when devising an advertising campaign.

Making Slim Desirable

This broaches the subject of how to make a slim figure more desirable than all that great tasting junk food that is loading on the calories at each meal. The weight loss industry already does a pretty good job of selling their products to people who wish for a slim, great looking figure like the one they see in the ads, but it doesn't really go far enough to make people want to remain slim once they have tried the product or done the diet or completed the exercise program.

To get people to want long term slimness over a lifestyle of gorging themselves on junk food and drinking can after can of soda is a little more tricky. But it can be done with some guile and by playing on the fact that being slim is beautiful for all of your life and not just for the duration of a diet or exercise program.

There are some celebrity advocates of the healthy, slim lifestyle such as Suzanne Somers who does a great job of selling her own slimming products based on the fact that she is over the age of 60 and still looking great. People want to latch onto that kind of thing and will work with a long term strategy but only as long as they are continually reminded that they must stick with the program and not return to their old ways.

Selling Long Term Health

So how do you sell long term health to a nation obsessed with junk food, convenience at every turn and a work ethic that has them spending in excess of eight hours every day sitting at a desk in an office, not to mention the time spent in commuting to that office every day? Not as easy as it first sounds, is it?

It's no good trying to make people acutely aware of the dangers of eating junk food and drinking soda. While it might register with a small proportion of the population, most people tend to ignore scare tactics and go right on doing what they're doing because they claim freedom of choice.

You only have to look at the failed anti-smoking campaigns that are run at regular intervals to see how trying to get people to stop doing something that is obviously killing them simply doesn't work because they don't believe it can happen to them.

So you have to wrap the diet advertising campaign in a comfortable, cosy cocoon that creates a strong desire for that long term body beautiful. That desire has to be stronger than the desire to eat junk food. With fast food restaurants spending millions of dollars every year on their own ad campaigns to get more people to eat their products, any campaign aimed at countering that is going to have to be one powerfully promoted one.

The reality is that the best that could be hoped for is a stalemate where the health campaigns stack up against the junk food campaigns and neither gets ahead. Or it fails miserably because people have that instinct to eat which is infinitely more powerful than the instinct to look good no matter what the glossy beauty magazines would have you believe!

Further Reading

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