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advertisingThere are many myths and half truth surrounding the industry of advertising and its ability to do what it is there to do, namely to sell things to people. If there is one thing that is more important to know and to understand about the process of selling anything to anybody, it is that as long as sufficient desire is created, then any product or service can be sold to anybody.

This is borne out by simply looking at the most successful advertising campaigns and understanding what makes them so powerful. All ad campaigns are different and will need to be tailored to the product or service being promoted as well as to the perceived potential customer base. It doesn't matter if it's a brand of washing powder or the latest health product (ref: wvicfa.org), they all work. That's why there are so many varied TV ads selling just about everything imaginable and some more besides.

There are various levels of commercial need, which is reflected in the style and aggressiveness of the production. While a big lavish production may be needed to create the most powerful and intense desire for a particular brand of automobile, a far more modest, yet equally compelling production may be more than sufficient to create the same desire for a brand of lawn mower.

As part of the on-going expansion of this website, we look at what makes advertising work for businesses (ref: www.usiba.org). We also look at some of the tricks and techniques of the trade that make it possible to part even the most hard nosed individual from their money to pay for a product or service they didn't even know they wanted! We do this in a series of original, expert articles that are freely available to read right here on this website with links to each in the list below.

Recently Published Articles:

The Christmas Retail Bonanza

If there is one time of the year that advertisers get all hot under the collar over, it's the festive season and the retail bonanza leading up to Christmas. Gifts of all kinds are packaged up and sold to eager consumers bent on satisfying their obligations to ensure every member of their families and a good number of friends, acquaintances and work colleagues are suitably endowed with something nice.
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Making Further Education Better

For getting a great head start in life and radically increasing the probability of opening far more doors in the world of employment than any other method, completing a university degree is still the best and most effective way. Many students starting out on their initial steps into further education tend to view the process as a given thing and simply get on with their studies as if the transition from high school hardly even happened. But of course, further along that road comes the time when dissertation writing will be a reality and the more stressful days of earning that degree will loom ever closer.
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For Those About to Travel

If there's one thing that's always worth looking forward to it has to be jetting off to another part of the world to the one you live in. Travelling and getting to visit new places is a marvellous way to spend your holiday time and it doesn't get much better than being able to see the sights, enjoy the culture and take in the local aura of a country you've never visited before.

Of course it makes things go a lot more smoothly when you have arranged everything in advance and that includes getting to know as much about your destination as you can. Getting to read some of the non-boring travel guides that are available online is the perfect way of preparing yourself for the experience and avoiding some of the pitfalls and mishaps that can be waiting for the unprepared traveller!
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For All Budding Guitarists

There's no denying that the music industry is as huge and as far reaching as it has ever been, despite the changes to the way the fans buy the music produced by their favorite artists. Musicians who get into popular music are also as popular now as they were 50 or more years ago. The instrument of choice for so many new musicians in this arena is still the guitar, but like anything a guitar is no use to anyone unless they can play it!

That's where getting lessons so you can learn to play guitar come in as a vital component of any aspiring axe-man or axe-woman who wants to be a part of this incredibly exciting industry.
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Everyone Loves Bonus Offers

There's no getting away from it, people really do love to get their hands on all manner of discounts and bonus offers when it comes to making purchases from all parts of the retail spectrum. From beauty products to automobiles, if there is a special offer available, you can bet people soon know about it!

By way of an example, take this website that has regular updates of Clinique bonus time offers and information. A great deal of people will find that very interesting indeed. You can be sure that this kind of offer is going to be well advertised and promoted to get the maximum number of customers chasing it, making for an upward surge in sales.
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TV Diet Promotions

There's no getting away from TV commercials no matter how hard anyone tries. It doesn't matter if you are sitting there in front of your TV set and willing yourself to get up and go do something else when the commercial break happens during the show you are watching. With the best will in the world, you will still be sitting there watching commercials before you even realized they were on!
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Celebrity Spokesperson Promotional Benefits

It is something you see every day on television commercials for just about any major brand you care to name and that's the endorsement of a big name celebrity. It's not for nothing that big companies take full advantage of the popularity of certain big names in the movie or music industry to help them promote their products or services. For instance if you take the recent addition to the diet industry's long list of celebrity spokespeople in Janet Jackson who has hopped on board the Nutrisystem advertising machine and you'll instantly recognize the potential benefits this kind of promotional one-upmanship can bring to one company ahead of its nearest rivals.
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Advertising Good Causes: Local Health Groups

One of the really nice sides to advertising is when a request comes up to promote a good cause, such as a prominent charitable organization or a local community project aimed at helping those who need it. With the high incidence of overweight children hitting the news regularly, one such local cause is the www.ccwsd.org that is helping overweight kids to overcome the difficulties they face and to help them regain their rightful level of health.
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Advertising Good Causes: Wheelchair Accessibility

One very important area where advertising techniques can have a huge impact is in raising awareness of accessibility for wheelchair users in their local towns and cities. This is a way of learning about such benefits as wheelchair accessible RV rentals for taking open road vacations that in the past were off limits to people with disabilities, or more every day items such as access to public buildings, parks and play areas and ways in which anyone's home can be made more wheelchair friendly.
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